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Ekhard Zinke was appointed President of the Federal Motor Transport Authority (in German: Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA)) on June 15th 2004.

Mr. Zinke was born in 1954 in Hamburg. After graduation from High School Mr. Zinke studied law at the Hamburg University. After the Final State Examination Ekhard Zinke practiced as a lawyer before joining the German Federal Railway in 1985. In 1988 he changed as an abstractor to the Federal Ministry of Transport, which he left to assume control of the department ‘Central Services’ at the KBA in 1992. From this position Mr. Zinke has been promoted to the top of the KBA in 2004.

Ekhard Zinke, President of the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamtes 


Curriculum Vitae

04/1961 - 06/1974school attendance including one year abroad as a foreign exchange student in the US
- final secondary-school examinations -
01/1975 - 03/1976German Army Service
10/1976 - 11/1981- First State Examination -
03/1982 - 01/1985legal clerkship
- Final State Examination -
02/1985 - 10/1985employment as a lawyer
11/1985entrance to the civil servant service of the German Federal Railway
05/1986 - 02/1988head of the departmental “law and financial services” at the Central Office of the German Federal Railways in Minden/Westfalen
03/1988 - 10/1992abstractor in the corporate department at the Federal Ministry of Transport
11/1992 - 06/2004head of the department ‘Central Services’ at the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA)
official assignment ‘Permanent Representative’ of the President KBA
15.06.2004appointment to President of the Federal Motor Transport Authority

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