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The Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt, with its diverse assignments on the subject of road safety, is one of the best-known higher federal authorities in Germany. It was founded on 04.08.1951 on the basis of the KBA-Law. With its office in Flensburg in the Federal State of Schleswig-Holstein it is the northernmost higher authority in Germany, represented also since 1990 with an office in Dresden.

It is directly responsible to the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure and is not authorised to issue directives. With over 900 members of staff, the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt is one of Schleswig-Holstein’s biggest employers. In addition to business management tools such as Costs and Results Accounting, and Controlling, the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt relies on modern management instruments such as the appraisal of superiors, a suggestion scheme and annual staff interviews. The Authority also fulfils its social responsibility as regards training, offering suitable apprenticeships for young people in various administrative and computing occupations and also courses leading to degrees.

Central Register

That the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt is so well-known is due largely to the penalty points stored in the Register of Driver Fitness. Almost all road users can acquire such points for offences in connection with road use.




The Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt’s statistics are much in demand, providing information on vehicles and trailers, driving permits, traffic offences and road haulage by interesting criteria of classification. Tailor-made statistics are produced by the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt for interested clients whilst observing the demands of data-protection rules.



Vehicle Technology

The Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt also plays a prominent role as one of the leading European authorities in the field of type-approval of vehicles and vehicle parts. The approval mark of the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt can be seen on many products of the automotive and components industry.




What began over 60 years ago as the administrative authority for Federal German road safety is now a provider of services and information on vehicles and their users across the EU. The European idea is perceptible in virtually all fields of the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt’s work. The Authority’s internet presence now combines observation of accessibility rules and an improved navigation system to provide all interested parties with a good general view of the purpose of and necessity for this Federal Authority, which collects points not only in the Central Register of Traffic Offenders.


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