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Measures during the probationary period

An independent set of rules for disciplinary measures during the two-year probationary period is intended to further reinforce the special preventive effect of entries made in the Register of Driver Fitness. Where required, the driving licence of a novice driver is withdrawn much earlier compared to the normal Driver Fitness Assessment System. When a novice driver commits offences in road traffic, the two-year probationary period is extended to a maximum of four years.

In terms of accident prevention, a further evaluation of the record in the Register of Driver Fitness is made for novice drivers subject to the probationary periods alongside the Driver Fitness Assessment System:

  • In the event of serious A offences, e.g.:

    • Speeding
    • Driving under the influence of drugs
    • Violation of the “right of way” rule
  • In the event of less serious B offences, e.g.:

    • Technical vehicle failures
    • Speaking on the mobile phone without a hands-free kit

Regardless of the penalty point count, the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA) notifies the driving licence authority once the first A offence, or after the second B offence, has been committed. The responsible driving licence authority initiates the corresponding measures concerning the driving licence.

Since 1 January 1999, three levels of sanction apply for this purpose:

Sanction levelRoad traffic offenceMeasures taken by the driving licence authority
1st levelOne A offence
two B offences
The participation in an advance seminar is ordered
the probationary period is extended for another two years.
2nd level Another A offence
two further B offences
Written warning
the participation in psychological consultation concerning road safety is recommended.
3rd levelAnother A offence
two other B offences
The driving licence is withdrawn.

With regard to novice drivers, an administrative offence arising from the Register of Driver Fitness shall only expire (cancellation period) once the probationary period has expired.

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