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Waiting period

Section 29 Paragraph 6 Sentence 2 Straßenverkehrsgesetz (StVG) (Road Traffic Act) stipulates that the entries made in the Register of Driver Fitness concerning criminal offences or administrative offences listed in Annex 13 to Section 40 FeV shall be "retained" for another year following the expiry of the cancellation periods. This period is referred to as "waiting period".

The waiting period is intended to ensure that offences which affect the penalty point count can still be included in the calculation of the total penalty point count if the penalty points are only recorded in the Register of Driver Fitness following the expiry of the cancellation period of a decision which is relevant to the penalty point count and already recorded.

Any decisions which are in the waiting period may only be forwarded to the responsible driving licence authority to order measures according to the provisions concerning the probationary driving licence (Section 2a StVG) or to take measures according to the Driver Fitness Assessment System (Section 4 Para. 5 StVG).

If an individual requests information about themselves or if a lawyer requests information about their client (private information), the decisions which are already in the waiting period shall also be included in the information provided.

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