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Recalls are carried out by manufacturers to be able to eliminate product faults. As the different product faults can lead to very different dangers, there are different types of recalls.

When the danger is great, a recall is usually the most effective solution. The manufacturer usually has no other choice than to carry out a recall action. In order to completely eliminate the danger, vehicle manufacturers should use the owner addresses in the central vehicle register (ZFZR) of the KBA for such recall actions.

In less dangerous cases, the manufacturer is not obliged to use the KBA owner addresses, although, for as many as possible of the vehicle owners to follow the recall, many vehicle manufacturers make voluntary use of the KBA.

Please take the following into consideration when you make use of the recall data base:

  • The data base does not comprise all measures of the manufacturer. Successive measures from 01.05.2004 on are recorded, whereby it could be that it deals with recall actions for which the manufacturer used owner addresses of the KBA or faults that were subject to notification according to the European product safety regulations.
  • Even when your vehicle falls in a given construction period, it must not necessarily be concerned. You can obtain more precise information via a given hotline or, even better, from a garage authorized by the manufacturer. The garage can quickly tell you if your vehicle must be subject to repair.
  • Participate in such measures and so make a contribution to road safety.

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