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Motor vehicles

Statistical analyses of vehicles include all vehicles and their owners approved by the Vehicle Registration Law in Germany and registered in the Central Vehicle Register. The data is reported by the regulatory authorities or third party insurance companies (motor vehicles with insurance plates) and stored in the Central Vehicle Register at the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA). Not included are vehicles with red or short-term and export registration plates, as well as military (Bundeswehr) vehicles and vehicles operated on private property (such as airports).

New registration

Brand new vehicles which are newly approved and registered in Germany and which receive a registration plate should be assigned to new registrations. This does not include vehicles that have previously been registered in the country or abroad. New registrations are evaluated and published both monthly and annually according to make, segment, model and other interesting features.

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The annual count of the stock of vehicles includes all vehicles and trailers which are stored in the Central Vehicle Register on the 1st of January each year. Vehicles which are not in service are not counted, vehicles with seasonal registration plates, however, are included. The statistical evaluation thus reflects the actual vehicles on the road. Among the most important survey characteristics are: vehicle class and body type, manufacturer and type or make and model, regional code (state, registration district, municipality), owner group/industry branch, fuel type and various technical size classes.

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Changes of ownership



If a vehicle which is already registered changes hands, a title transfer must take place at the registration authority after the new owner has acquired the vehicle. Relocations and name changes do not apply here. The most important statistical characteristics are assessed on a monthly and yearly basis.

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This relates to the permanent or temporary deregistration of a vehicle from public roads. Reasons for deregistration can be extremely varied, for example: scrapping, export abroad, use exclusively on private property or even simply being temporarily out of use. The vehicle data are retained in the Central Vehicle Register for seven years after deregistration. The vehicle's general operating permit also retains its validity during this time.

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Vehicle inspections


The results of the regular inspections (§ 29 of the German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations) and of individual approvals and assessments of road vehicles are statistically evaluated by the KBA. The evaluation criteria include: vehicle class and age, type of defects and supervisory institutions. The requisite data from the technical inspection centres and the officially recognised supervisory institutions for this purpose are reported to the KBA twice a year and published on a yearly basis.

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