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Quality of the official statistics of the KBA

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As part of its legal mandate, the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA) compiles and publishes a wide range of national and European official statistics. Based on the KBA's central registers, extensive information is provided on drivers, vehicles and motor traffic. Furthermore, additional data is collected in cooperation with other institutions and evaluated and published for statistical purposes.

Politicians and administrators use the KBA's official statistics as a reliable basis for decision-making. Science and industry also use these data for planning and analysis. The public can form a picture of motor vehicles and their use on the basis of the information freely available on the Internet.

As a producer of European statistics, the KBA is part of the European Statistical System (ESS). This partnership between Eurostat, the national statistical offices (in Germany, the Federal Statistical Office of Germany - Destatis) and other government agencies responsible for producing European statistics provides the framework for reliability and comparability of statistics from all EU member states.

Guidelines and cooperations

As part of official European statistics, the KBA is guided by the 16 principles of the European Statistics Code of Practice. Among other things, it is intended to ensure that official statistics are free from political influence and that scientific standards are applied in statistical production. Compliance with the Code of Practice is monitored. For example, the KBA has participated in the two Peer review rounds that have taken place so far (2006 to 2008 and 2013 to 2015).

On May 23, 2016, the KBA and the Federal Statistical Office of Germany announced their joint cooperation in a "Memorandum of Understanding". This agreement describes the nature, scope and organization of the cooperation on the basis of voluntary commitments. The Federal Statistical Office of Germany supports the KBA in implementing the principles of the Code of Practice and promotes compliance with the quality standards of the European Statistical System. Together, guidelines are, for example

  • for the quality standards,
  • for the implementation of the methodological principles developed in the ESS,
  • for the technical standards for data transfer and other technically oriented processes, and
  • for the implementation of information security requirements.

Quality Reporting

The assessment of the quality of the KBA's official statistics and the reporting on them are based on standardized rules of the European Statistical System. Quality reports are published to accompany the individual specialized statistics. These provide, among other things, information on the origin of the data, the methodology, the legal basis and possibilities of use.

The KBA attaches great importance to the quality of official statistics. The aim is to maintain and continuously improve the quality level achieved in the future.

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