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State-of-Play in Market Surveillance

The current Market Surveillance figures are presented below. KBA refers to the previous year 2021 and presents its activities in the three pillars of Market Surveillance (investigations, recalls and sanctions).


Investigations (Picture has long description)

KBA has expanded its scope of action with the entry into force of Regulation (EU) 2018/858. In addition to the independent testing projects of KBA, supplementary new testing tasks for vehicle safety and environmental protection are carried out. The KBA carries out the highest number of official product tests proportionately in the European vehicle market.


Recalls (Picture has long description)

Due to the increased market presence of KBA and its role in Market Surveillance in Germany, more and more recalls are being reported by manufacturers, who are monitoring their products ever more closely.

In 2021, approximately 3,4 million vehicles were subject to a mandatory recall. This is also reflected in the generally increasing numbers of recalls and allows a statement about the increasing quality controls and thus about the increasing product quality in Germany and Europe.


Sanctions (Picture has long description)

One of KBA's core tasks continues to be the protection of the public from unauthorised products. To ensure this, KBA continuously monitors the market in order to constantly react to new unauthorised offers. In addition, KBA examines products that have attracted attention during import controls and decides on their importability.

This already prevents unsafe products from entering the market.

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