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Harrislee Laboratory (HaL)

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Harrislee Laboratory (HaL) - front view
Harrislee Laboratory (HaL) - front view Source:KBA

For product testing, authority engineers or commissioned experts use vehicles that are made available on the market or are to be made available, in order to examine them for their conformity with the approved type.

For example, the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA) carries out exhaust gas tests with portable emission measurement systems (PEMS) in real road traffic or noise tests on the test track.

In addition to the tests in road traffic, vehicles are tested in KBA's Laboratory in Harrislee (HaL) and the Test Centre in Leck (TeCeL), so that conformity with the approved type can be examined. With the help of these test facilities, KBA is able to carry out further examinations in addition to the exhaust emission tests. KBA uncovers systematic defects in vehicles that could cause a potential road safety risk or pose a danger to the environment. In this context, the components and vehicle systems relevant to driving safety are checked. This includes checks of braking efficiency, ABS and ESP functionality and examinations of vehicles with new technologies, such as driver assistance systems, lane keeping systems, etc. The investigations focus changes every year.

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