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Product Requirements

The requirements for products are defined by European regulations. The aim of the regulations is to reduce the number of dangerous products on the market and to establish a uniform state of the art. For this purpose, either specific European regulations or recognized regulations are used. For example, the requirements defined in the UNECE regulations are also accepted. The main regulations for the approval of complete vehicles are as follows.

In the event of the presence of dangerous products and the deviation of these products from the respective applicable regulations, the KBA acts as a market surveillance authority. The market surveillance regulations applicable to this are set out both, the legal texts described above and in basic regulations such as the

With the help of the European rapid notification systems RAPEX and ICSMS, the rapid exchange of information on dangerous products and those that do not meet the legal requirements is made possible between the authorities of the European Union. In addition, the KBA is obliged to provide the public with information about dangerous consumer products.

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