GSB 7.1 Standardlösung

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Sample driver's license

Sample EU Driving Licence - Front View (Picture has long description)


1. name

2. first name

3. date and place of birth

4a. Order date of the card

4b. Expiry of the validity of the driving licence as a document (15 years)!

4c. Name of issuing authority (driving licence authority)

5. number of the driving licence

6. photograph of the holder

7. signature of the holder

8. place of residence; not provided for in the German model

9. classes for which the driving licence was issued

EU Driving Licence Sample (Picture has long description)


9. all driving licence categories (including B1, which is not issued in Germany).

10. date of issue of the driving licence for the respective class; may also be entered manually in box 14, indicating number 10. In the case of valid categories, an asterisk (*) is then entered in box 10. Classes which have not been issued shall be cancelled by a dash.

11. the period of validity of categories issued for a limited period of time

12. restrictions and additional information (including conditions) in coded form

13. box for entries for other Member States after change of residence abroad

14. box for manual entry of date of issue (see No 10)

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