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Driving licence classes in Germany before 01.01.1999

Driving licence classes in Germany before 01.01.1999

(included classes)
Type of vehiclefurther conditions
(1a, 1b, 4, 5)


  • over 50 ccm cubic capacity or over 50 km/h
  • Prerequisite: 2 years class 1a and 4,000 km driving experience
(1b, 4, 5)


  • up to 25 kW power and
  • up to 0.16 kW power per kilogram
(4, 5)
Light motorbike
  • over 50 cc up to 125 cc and up to 11 kW.
  • under 18 years: up to 80 km/h.
(3, 4, 5)


  • more than 7,500 kg
  • Trains with more than 3 axles
(4, 5)

Passenger car

all motor vehicles that do not belong to one of the other classes:

  • Motor vehicle up to 7,500 kg + 1-axle trailer up to 11,000 kg = 18,500 kg
  • Class 3 acquired before 01.04.1980 includes class 1b
Bicycles with
auxiliary motor
  • up to 50 cc and
  • up to 50 km/h
  • Class 4 acquired before 01.04.1980 includes class 1b
tractors or
working machines
  • Ambulances (up to 2 seats, up to 300 kg) up to 30 km/h
  • Tractors or work machines up to 25 km/h (also for trailers)
  • Agricultural tractors up to 32 km/h

Other rights in Germany before 01.01.1999

Special features
Driving licence for the carriage of passengers in buses and coaches (more than 8 passenger seats).
The new categories D and D1 have been set up for this purpose.
Driving licence for passenger transport in taxis, hire cars, ambulances
- remains unchanged
Test for moped (= bicycle with auxiliary motor up to 25 km/h)
- remains unchanged

The new driving licence classes at conversion result from Annex 3 of the Fahrerlaubnis-Verordnung (FeV)

  • Vested rights from the previous classes are retained.
  • There are also the additional rights from the comparable new classes from 19.01.2013 without exchanging the driving licence.

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