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Extension of the Central Vehicle Register (ZFZR) to include data from the general inspection: prerequisite for internet-based vehicle registration (i-Kfz)

As an innovator in German e-government, the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (BMDV) is modernising the vehicle registration system with the i-Kfz project. With the entry into force of the First Ordinance Amending the Fahrzeug-Zulassungsverordnung (FZV) and the Fee Ordinance for Road Traffic Measures, the internet-based decommissioning of vehicles has been possible since 01.01.2015 (stage 1).

As a result of the second stage, introduced on 01.10.2017, vehicle owners can apply for the re-registration of a vehicle to the same owner without changing the registration district, using the number plate reserved at the time of decommissioning, in a time-saving manner from home. There are further requirements which are published on the website of the BMDV

However, the internet-based re-registration also requires that it can be electronically checked whether a valid general inspection (HU) is available for the vehicle. The date on which the main inspection was carried out has therefore been continuously updated in the ZFZR since the 2nd stage went into operation on 1 October 2017. This requires the electronic connection of the monitoring institutions to the KBA so that they can transmit the data to the KBA - if possible immediately after the main inspection has been carried out. The same applies to the safety inspection (SP). The inclusion of the date on which the main inspection was carried out and other main inspection data (e.g. results) in the ZFZR is also necessary due to the new EU directive on periodic roadworthiness inspections and the amendment of the EU directive on registration documents as part of the so-called "Roadworthiness Package".

In simultaneous implementation of the requirements of Directives 2014/45/EU and 2014/46/EU, the results of all main inspections (HU) and safety inspections (SP) in accordance with § 29 of the Straßenverkehrs-Zulassungs-Ordnung will be transmitted by the bodies carrying out the inspections to the KBA and stored there in the Central Vehicle Register (ZFZR).

The data to be stored is extensive (see in particular § 34 FZV). The storage was realised in two phases. As an example, the month and year of the expiry of the deadline for the next main inspection or safety inspection following the issue of the registration certificate must be transmitted and stored as of 01.10.2017. The voluntary reporting of further data will become mandatory from 20.05.2018. This additional data includes, among other things, the indication of the status of the odometer (read odometer reading) at the time of the inspection.

This data is mainly used in the conventional registration procedure and, as mentioned above, for the realisation of internet-based registration. If required, the data is also available for other information procedures of the KBA within the framework of the legal regulations.

The information requirements were essentially not changed. The reason for this is to provide data only to the extent actually required. For some reasons, e.g. public authorities, this data is not relevant and is therefore not transmitted.

In the context of a self-disclosure, all data will of course be transmitted.

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