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Central Vehicle Register (ZFZR)

The ZFZR stores the vehicle and owner data of all vehicles with registration plates transmitted by the local registration authorities and additionally by the insurance companies as well as the data of the main and safety inspections transmitted by the technical inspection institutions.

Data is transmitted in the event of new registrations, change of ownership (change of owner under registration law), decommissioning, changes in the personal circumstances of the owner and structural changes to vehicles. The same applies in the event of a change of motor vehicle insurance company, the existence of notifications of, for example, non-existent insurance cover, technical defects, tax arrears for motor vehicles and trailers or their owners, and by the insurance companies when an insurance licence plate is allocated.

The data of the ZFZR form the basis for extensive statistical evaluations by the Statistics Department, including new registrations, stock, transfer of ownership and de-registration.

In addition, search notices (indications of theft and other loss) and reported incidents (indications of, for example, non-existence of a motor vehicle insurance relationship) are included in the database for individual vehicles.

Since 01.10.2017/20.05.2018, the data of the general inspection and the safety inspection reported by the monitoring institutions (among other things, the status of the odometer / odometer readings) have been stored in the ZFZR as a prerequisite for the internet-based vehicle registration.

Internet-based vehicle registration

Since 1 October 2017, registered vehicles can be de-registered and re-registered to the same owner online via an internet portal operated at the registration authorities.

The prerequisites for this are that

  • the vehicle has number plates on which stamped plates with concealed security codes are used. These will be issued from 01 January 2015 as part of the new registration or re-registration process,
  • a "new" registration certificate Part I has been issued for the vehicle, i.e. there is a security code on the document that is to be uncovered, and
  • the identity card with activated online ID function (eID function) is used for identification.

Further information on this topic can be found on the website of the
Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (BMDV).

Distinguishing signs on number plates of German motor vehicles (according to § 8 paragraph 2 FZV)

Below is a leaflet listing the fixed and cancelled distinguishing signs on number plates issued in Germany (letter abbreviations for cities and districts). (only in German)

Kfz-Kennzeichen und auslaufende Kennzeichen für Deutschland (Stand: 11. Januar 2022)PDF, 347KB, File does not meet accessibility standards


Übersicht Kraftfahrzeug-Kennzeichen für Deutschland von A bis Z

Technical article (only in German):

SuchvermerkePDF, 198KB, File does not meet accessibility standards

Personendaten im ZFZRPDF, 282KB, File does not meet accessibility standards

Addresses of registration authorities

Are you looking for the address of the registration authority responsible for you? This is available to you free of charge as a PDF file on the Address Directories page (only in German). Other data formats are only available on request as commissioned work for a fee.


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The federal states are responsible for licensing law.

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