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Driver and vehicle documents

Alongside the classical type-approval procedure, there are further procedures with special rules.

Here, the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA) evaluates the quality and safety relevant

  • Production of vehicle registration certificate part I

    The publishers/printers will be authorized for the distribution of registration certificates according to the vehicle registration regulation for the production/processing and delivery of forms for the registration certification (driving licence forms), as well as for the sale of registration certificates.
  • Production of driving licence cards as well as their personalizing

   These procedures effect solely the national law in Germany

  • Personalising of tachograph cards and the handling of digital certificates and codes

    The KBA checks the compliance with safety regulations according to the regulation (EC) 2135/98 at

    • Producers of vehicle units and motion sensors,
    • Personalisation body for tachograph cards
    • The national certification agency for the system (D-CA).

        Safety check on tachograph

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