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One of the purposes of vehicle documents is to enable vehicles to be identified in the same way as an identity card identifies a person. The fault-free making out of the documents, that consist of  the Vehicle Registration Certificate Part I 

(only in german) and the Vehicle Registration Certificate Part II  (only in german), is of great importance. The data base that the KBA provides for this reaches back to the early 1970’s. Vehicle-related data are drawn from it in the scope of the type-approval procedure and are first provided to licensing officials as data sheets.

The national data sheets were replaced in the year of the transition to EC harmonized licensing documents. The type data of vehicles in the form of the new licensing certification has been available since 2005.

Because of the high data quality, licensing procedures have been shortened and errors in the central vehicle register minimized. The complete data record is, in the main, electronically provided by vehicle manufacturers and importers and. After a check, automatically supplemented with official data such as the TSN (Typschlüsselnummer) that is important for insurances and after-market parts providers.

Various directories of the type data are additionally published.

The guidelines for CoC data transmission are given here (only in german).

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