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Introduction to the office Dresden

Foto: Dienstgebäude Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt, Dienstsitz DresdenSource: KBA

The office Dresden of the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA) with its business is assigned to the department type-approval.
Alongside other tasks, within the scope of type-approval procedures will be evaluated

The following list provides the most important data for the office Dresden:

03 October 1990The Dresden motor vehicle technology office responsible for the former GDR becomes a branch office of the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA) and takes over the tasks of the technology department for the newly-formed German states
28 January 1993Issue of the first EC whole vehicle type-approval by the office Dresden
28 October 1994First certification of a manufacturer’s quality management system
17 February 1995First accreditation of a certification body for quality management systems
30 May 1995First accreditation/recognition of a test laboratory
08 September 1999First evaluation of a tyre retreading company
30 December 1999First evaluation of a printer producing driving licences
01 December 2004First evaluation of a manufacturer of tachographs
06 June 2005First evaluation of a publisher which distributes registration certificates, part 1 (vehicle registration documents)
16 February 2006Dresden becomes involved in inspections at manufacturers (CoP)
23 March 2007First evaluation of a manufacturer with regard to the safekeeping of reusability, recycling ability and usability according to EC recycling directive
15 September 2008End of certification activities
31 December 2009End of accreditation activities; Continuation of activities for recognition (designation) of technical services for the KBA type-approval procedure
15 March 2010Start of CoP-Q-procedures (Evaluation of conformity of production procedures at manufacturers)
29 September 2017First evaluation of a publisher/printer which produce and distribute seal-stickers and sticker-covers

More information you can find on “Type approvals” and “Driver and vehicle documents”.


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