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Designation of technical services

The purpose of the designation of test laboratories and certification bodies as technical services is to document their competence and to strengthen confidence in their test results.

The task of designation of technical services is performed by the Dresden office of the KBA.

Role of Technical services in the KBA type approval procedureSource: KBA

In the designation procedure, competence is confirmed for

  • Test laboratories:
    To carry out or supervise tests, and draw up test reports for the type-approval procedure/CoP product checks of the KBA. The evaluation is carried out on basis of EN ISO/IEC 17025 and/or EN ISO/IEC 17020.
  • Certification bodies:
    To evaluate the extent to which a quality management system conforms to approval relevant requirements and to draw up corresponding attestations for the type-approval procedure/CoP system evaluation of the KBA.
    Assessment is made on basis of the EN ISO/IEC 17021-1 standard.

In connection with the EG-Fahrzeuggenehmigungsverordnung (EG-FGV), technical services will be recognised. Such recognition is synonymous with designation.

The designation (recognition) is coupled to the notification of the technical services at the EU commission and/or the UNECE secretary’s office. In addition, designated technical services are published on the KBA Internet page.

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