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Conformity checks

Holders of a type-approval have the right to produce their product in unlimited quantities and to bring them to market. Against this, they are obliged to ensure that the production is maintained in agreement with the demands of the originally issued type-approval. Only conform products are to be brought to market.

Prior to the issuing of a type-approval it must be ensured that a manufacturer is capable of producing a defined quality standard. The initial assessment is carried out by the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA) to determine if this is the case.

Following the issuing of a type-approval, the KBA checks the product for conformity to the type-approval and also checks the quality management system. When faults in the QM-system or deviations of the product are found in the course of a check, then measures for remediation are to be taken in agreement with the KBA.

When serious deviations occur that could influence traffic safety or pollute the environment, for example, these can lead to a withdrawal of the type-approval.

The KBA is organized in the fields

Frequently asked questions on the conformity checks are given here.

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