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Initial assessment

No type-approval can be issued without an initial assessment.

In the initial assessment, the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA) checks if it is to be expected that the procedures taken by the manufacturer will lead to a type-approval conform production. In addition, the manufacturer must prove his or her legal identity.

  • An on-site inspection is required for this. The “CoP information” document describes what is checked during the inspection.
  • Such an inspection is not necessary when a suitable certification according to EN ISO 9001 or equivalent standard is presented or another European type-approval authority confirms a successful initial assessment.
  • All necessary information is given in Information sheet on Initial assessment (MAB).

Additional assistance on the initial assessment is offered by the answers to Questions on the issuing of type-approvals.

When there are further questions, please contact the KBA.

The decision on which designated technical service is to draw up the technical report should be taken at an early stage. The technical service, can then provide competent support in the initial assessment, in particular as “external partner of the KBA”.

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