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The Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA) has diverse documents available which inform on the most important parts of the type-approval procedure, and also other procedures, as simply and compact as possible.

Designated technical services and type-approval holders can find additional files in the Technology portal.

Designation of Technical services
- The scope classification directory describes the general scope of the Designation body regarding activities for testing laboratories.
Including version of EU directives (regulations) and UNECE regulations effective from the point of view of designation.
Type Approval procedure
(only in German)
(only in German)
(only in German)
(only in German)
Merkblatt zur Erteilung von Kleinserien-Typgenehmigungen für Fahrzeuge nach der Richtlinie 2007/46/EG (MKS) (only in German)
(only in German)
(only in German)
Initial assessment and Procedure for Verification of Conformity of Production
Exchange of documents

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