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Online register information

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Do you love the benefits of digital information, and you are interested in the data stored about you in the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA)?

Then use the online register information with your smartphone and reach your goal with just a few clicks.

You need the installed AusweisApp2, an ID card with activated online ID card function, your self-selected 6-digit PIN for your ID card and an NFC-capable smartphone. NFC stands for Near-Field-Communication and enables in connection with your 6-digit PIN the wireless reading of your data from your ID card.

On your smartphone, go to the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt homepage at On the main page, scroll down until you reach the online services. Laterally you can get to the online registry information. ‘More’ will take you to the online register information page. Here you can choose between the different register information options. For example, by selecting "Penalty points", you can obtain information from the register of Driver Fitness.

On the following page, please confirm your consent. Once you mark the checkbox, the button "Continue with data from your online ID card" is activated. This button will redirect you to the AusweisApp2.

Once there, you can confirm your identity by following the instructions in the AusweisApp2.

Now press "Proceed to PIN entry" to continue. Follow the instructions in the app to read out data from your ID card. The AusweisApp2 supports you in the correct placement of the ID card.

After your ID card has been successfully scanned, please enter the 6-digit PIN of your online ID function for approval.

After you have successfully entered your PIN, your data will be displayed and you now have the option of entering further information. To receive the register information, please activate the following checkbox for confirmation and click on ‘Next’. Unfortunately, in some cases it might not be possible to provide information immediately. In these cases, manual reworking will be executed in the affected registers. The information will then be sent to you by mail to the address on your identification document. Alternatively, you can enter a different mailing address.

If the information can be provided online, you will receive your personal register information in the next step as a PDF file for you to download.

Afterwards you can access further information without additional authentification. Simply click on “Request register information”.

For more information, please visit

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